Welcome to Vision:Connect


To access Vision:Connect you must now register. Registration for Colour Belts and ITF Kids is immediately accepted but will be checked against the licence database within 24 hours. Your account will be removed if you are not licensed with VTA.

Black Belt and Instructor accounts require extra verification before activation - this may take up to 24 hours.

Once verified, your licence information will be automatically attached to your account and visible in your profile. Feel free to add a profile picture, a header and more to your profile. The community features such as walls, follows and messaging will increase over time alongside theory and fitness resources.


Accounts for Children and ITF Kids

Each child and ITF Kid will require their own account as licence information cannot be shared between accounts.

For their safety and security, some features will be limited for these accounts, particularly social and messaging elements. ITF Kids have access to a separate area targeted specifically and uniquely for them.

Vision:Connect has a detailed and highly enforced Safeguarding policy to protect and promote healthy internet habits for younger users. Concerns will be dealt with seriously and swiftly.

I'm not a Vision Member!

This website is for Vision members only. You can learn more about the Vision Taekwon-Do Association at our main website:

VTA Data Protection Policy

The Vision TKD Association is fully committed to your privacy and the protection of your personal data. You can read our policy here.